about alex meat

Established in 1983, Alex`s Meat Distributors Corp. has been in business for over 30 years. Offering a wide-range of imported, local, as well as specially manufactured products, Alex’s Meat operates on both wholesale and retail levels all over Canada and the United States.

Although the company initially built its reputation by offering an impressive selection of various types of meat, it has since expanded to include an array of other products such as grain and dairy, fruit and vegetables, sea-food, pickled food, and different types of beverages.

Meat, however, is still one of its main commodities. Aside from manufacturing its own sausages, Alex’s Meat Distributers offers fresh, frozen, cured, smoked, and salted meats, sourced locally and abroad.

Importing goods from more than 10 countries, and partnering with reputable brands and companies across the globe, the company’s weekly sales include more than 100 varieties and over 60,000 pounds of provisions.